Streamlining and Enhancing Dairy Delivery Operations

Seamless way for dairy businesses to manage milk and dairy product subscriptions.

Merchant Dashboard

Seamless way for dairy businesses to manage milk and dairy product subscriptions.


Order Management

Facilitates seamless order placement, modification, and cancellation, ensuring customers can manage their milk delivery schedules efficiently.

Payment Management

Offers a secure and flexible payment system, supporting multiple payment methods for hassle-free transactions and account settlements.

Customer Management

Enables comprehensive management of customer profiles, including contact information, preferences, and order history, enhancing personalized service delivery.

Route Management

Optimizes delivery routes and schedules, ensuring timely and efficient milk deliveries by mapping the most effective pathways to customer locations.

Stock Management

Manages milk stock levels in real-time, preventing shortages or overstock situations, and ensuring freshness and availability for scheduled deliveries.

Report and Analysis

Provides detailed reports and analytics on sales, customer behavior, and operational efficiency, enabling data-driven decisions to improve service and profitability.

Consumer Panel

Daily Dairy Delivered – A New Dimension of Convenience and Customization in Milk Delivery


Subscription Management

Subscription Management lets users adjust their milk delivery preferences, ensuring flexibility in schedules and orders.

Live Order Tracking

Live Order Tracking shows the real-time progress of deliveries, offering transparency and improved order anticipation.

Online Payments

Online Payments facilitate effortless transactions, supporting multiple payment methods for user convenience.

Scheduled Delivery

Scheduled Delivery allows precise timing for receiving orders, catering to customer schedules and ensuring punctuality.

Payment & Order History

Payment & Order History tracks all transactions, offering clarity and control over spending and service usage.

Refer & Earn

Refer & Earn rewards users for introducing the service to others, enhancing community engagement through incentives.

Switch to MilkRide for an Enhanced Milk Delivery Experience

An exclusive tool for seamless data transfer in simple steps, with no downtime.

Delivery Person Mobile App

Optimizing Routes and Improving Service with a Mobile App for Milk Delivery Professionals


Daily Operation Details

Begin each day informed with a dashboard showcasing today’s milk delivery tasks, specific customer preferences, and any last-minute updates for optimal route planning.

Optimized Routes

Leverage advanced algorithms to determine the most efficient delivery routes, considering real-time traffic, to ensure timely deliveries and reduce fuel consumption.

Reverse Logistics

Streamline the process of collecting empty bottles from customers by seamlessly integrating returns into your daily delivery routes for maximum efficiency.

Proof of Delivery

Enhance customer trust by capturing and sharing proof of delivery, using either photos or digital signatures, to confirm successful deliveries and minimize disputes.


Utilize geofencing technology to receive notifications when entering or exiting predefined delivery areas, optimizing route management and time allocation.

Payment & Order History

Keep a detailed record of all transactions and milk orders at your fingertips, allowing for easy financial tracking and providing valuable insights into customer habits.

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